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April 30, 2015

Alfred Wins a Webby Award & Adds 10 New Locations!

It’s been a busy start to the Spring – check out what Alfred’s been up to over the past few weeks!


This week we won a Webby Award for the Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics! Websites we beat out include Google’s Santa Tracker 2014, US Open Sessions, and National Geographic, to name a few. Our website, which was designed with the support of the creative team at Blackjet, was selected to win by a panel of over 1000 judges.

We want to share our success with you, so we are offering an exclusive offer of 25% off your next order* until 8pm tonight! To redeem this offer, use code WEBBYWIN when you place your order.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit our new website, check it out here.


Over the last two weeks, our team was busy installing lockers in 10 new buildings around the city. The locations include:

  • 650 King Street West
  • 628 Fleet Street
  • 150 East Liberty Street
  • 17 Anndale Drive
  • 235 Bloor Street East
  • 533 Richmond Street West
  • 80 Cumberland Street
  • 170 Fort York Boulevard
  • 38 Grenville Street
  • 37 Grosvenor Street

If you’re a resident in one of these buildings, stop by and say hi to our team next week. We’ll be giving out treats and welcome gifts in your lobby. We can’t wait to meet everyone and help save you time to do the things you love!

If you’d like Alfred in your building, simply let us know here and click “Get Alfred in your building”. You’ll receive a $250 credit for referring us if we install in your building!


March 04, 2015

You Never Have To Do Laundry Again

Wash & Fold

Doing laundry sucks. You know what’s even worse? Waking up for work and realizing you have to wear yesterday’s clothes, because you forgot to do laundry again. Trust us, we’ve all been there.

What if we told you that you never have to do laundry again? No, we’re not kidding!

Two weeks ago, Alfred launched wash & fold services to save you even more time! White and coloured items will be washed separately, and of course, your clothes will be cleaned separately from everyone else’s. To top it all off, until March 6th, you can try out the service for just $1.59 per pound!

For your first wash & fold order, put your items in a separate bag from your dry cleaning, and select the wash & fold option when placing your order. We’ll return your items in a new Alfred bag, free of charge – and this time it’s yellow!

Now you can spend more time with your friends & family, go catch a Raptor’s game, or just relax with Netflix and a glass of wine. Either way, doing laundry is a thing of the past!

*Regular Price = $1.99 per pound with a minimum of 10 pounds.


February 03, 2015

Donate Your Clothing and #GivebackTO

Homeless 5

Winters aren’t always the best, and unless you happen to believe Wiarton Willie’s Groundhog Day prediction, the extreme cold isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s almost impossible to make it home from work without your fingers going numb from the cold…anyone else feel like your fingers are about to fall off everytime you step outside?

Warm hot chocolate and a heated house are comforting thoughts during this cold spell, and we can only imagine what our fellow Torontonian’s who aren’t fortunate enough to escape it are going through.

We want to help in the best way we can, so Alfred is partnering with Good Shepherd in launching the #GivebackTO initiative to make donating clothes much easier! Between today and February 17th, you can leave us clothing donations without leaving your home.

Simply drop your items in our lockers or with your concierge, let us know through our iPhone/Android app, website, or by texting us #GivebackTO, and we’ll handle the rest. No, we’re not kidding – it’s that easy!

At the end of each week, we’ll be delivering items to Good Shepherd Ministries, who will be donating clothing items to people in need!

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 5.24.06 PM

Suggested Items: sweatshirts, hoodies, jeans, running shoes, boots & winter coats.

Take a photo of your donation, and tweet at us (@AlfredService) using #GivebackTO for 10% off your next order!

If you’re not already a user of Alfred, sign up with the promo code GivebackTO for $10 off your first order!


January 08, 2015

A Man, His Maid, and Some Kerosene

Blog post #5 picture


A man, his maid, some kerosene, and a tablecloth – sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it? The funny thing is, that’s how dry cleaning supposedly started! Like fireworks, it was discovered by chance in the kitchen. Imagine being the person who accidentally discovered fireworks…poor guy.

19th century French dye-maker, Jean Baptiste Jolly, found that kerosene removes stains after his maid spilled some on his dirty tablecloth. And with that, the dry cleaning industry was born!

Just imagine bringing your clothes home from the ‘dry cleaners’ 200 years ago, smelling like gas – that’s bound to score you points with the ladies. Not to mention, the fires you would start from the kerosene on your clothing would definitely make any date unforgettable.

Fast-forward to the 21st century, where gasoline and kerosene are solvents of the past. Now with Alfred, not only do you get safe and organic dry cleaning, you also have the convenience of our 24/7 services directly from the comfort of your home!

With the industry changing so rapidly, who knows where we’ll be in the coming years! Next thing you know, we might start delivering meals to your home too.


September 08, 2014

The Launch of our Android App, Bitcoin, TIFF Giveaway & More

It’s been a busy summer – check out what Alfred got up to in August!

TIFF blog pic

Our team was hard at work over the last few months, and the wait is finally over. It’s official – our Android app has been released! Download it here to place your orders, track your items, billing & more. For those of you with an iPhone, we’ve already got you covered!

We introduced PayPal as a payment method last month – but that’s not all. For the crypto-currency fans out there, we have great news. Alfred is officially the first dry cleaner in Toronto to accept Bitcoin!

Congratulations to Eugene. F & James. C for winning our TIFF contest! Both winners received a bottle of Apothic wine, $20 of free Alfred dry cleaning, and a pair of tickets to TIFF. Thank you to everyone who participated! Stay tuned – we’ll be giving away more prizes soon.

Finally, Toronto Life featured us in their 2014 issue of “Best of the City”. If you haven’t read it, check it out here.

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