Considering a butler to take care of your building’s dry-cleaning needs? A wise choice, if I do say so myself. Fill out the form below, and I will be in touch promptly to discuss how we can work together to make this happen. And as a gesture of gratitude, should your building agree to hire me, you’ll receive a $100 credit!

But wait! If you have a full-time concierge, you can still use my services while you’re waiting for your building to get on board. I’ll designate your building as ‘On Demand’, which means that I’ll serve you (and perhaps a few of your neighbours) exclusively. For more on how this works, please see the FAQ.

Bring the best in butlering to your building by filling out the form below. If your building agrees to hire me, you'll receive a $100 credit!

But you don't have to wait to use my services. If you have a full-time concierge, I'll make your building an 'On Demand' location and serve you exclusively until your building is on board.

Does your building have a 24-hour concierge?

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While Alfred is infinitely more capable than your average butler, he’s
not a wizard. Meet the fine folks who lend Alfred a helping hand.

  • Matt Young

    Founder & CEO

    [email protected]

    Hello. I'm Matt. I'm responsible for the growth and strategic direction of Alfred. I have a background in real estate, and have been involved in the development of a number of successful condo projects in Toronto over the past 5 years. When I'm not conspiring with Alfred about his dreams to serve the world, I'm probably sliding down hills on a board, hitting golf balls into trees, or scouring the city for an exceptional IPA.

  • Justin Atkins

    Director of Operations

    [email protected]om

    Hello. I'm Justin. I'm responsible for keeping Alfred's operations swift, efficient, and consistent, ensuring your items make it to and from the lockers with the utmost care. Prior to Alfred, I worked in the banking industry in Toronto and Florida. When I'm not keeping Alfred on his A game, you might find me jamming to an indie band, cheering on the Gators (I enjoy the Leafs as well), or exploring one of Toronto's many festivals.


    Marketing Coordinator

    [email protected]

    Hello. I'm Meerah. I'm responsible for leading Alfred's marketing efforts to ensure our growing community of customers and followers stay connected. I also love planning events so we can get to know our wonderful customers. When I'm not tweeting about what Alfred is up to or hanging out with our unicorn, you can find me playing tennis, listening to Beyoncé, or hopping on a plane to go travel.


    Director of Partnerships

    [email protected]

    Hello. I'm Jeremiah. I develop partnerships with condominium buildings, apartment landlords, and other companies to help bring Alfred to you. My background is in real estate, where I've sourced and sold over fifty million dollars of land. When I'm not connecting Alfred to properties around the city, I'm usually outside cycling, in the water, or with my dog Carib.

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