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June 24, 2014

When is it time to dry clean?

How often should you dry clean to maintain a polished look? Well, that really depends on you. Generally, you should dry clean your suits when they have odours, visible stains, or if you have been perspiring. The good news about the organic cleaning we do at Alfred is that you can dry clean more often as it is easier on your garments, the environment, and your health.

In between dry cleaning treatments, you can hang garments up to ventilate the fabric and use a brush on wool coats. Stains that require quick attention like red wine or curry, especially on light colored or silk fabrics, should be taken to be cleaned as soon as possible.  Avoid remedies such as club soda and salt. Don’t rub a stain or put water on a fabric that can’t be washed in water (ties especially) – you’re just as likely to damage the fabric.
It’s a personal preference and everyone is different but the desired result is the same – to achieve that pressed and polished look. Always remember – When in doubt, ask Alfred!


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